David Adelstein, SPUSD Governing Board Member

"Michele has been a wonderful member of the Board.  She is bright, student-focused and has a very productive relationship with her fellow Board members and the District's administration.  She has been a very valuable part of the District's governance team." 

Deb McCurdy

"Thank you for all you have done, Michele, for your fortitute and for your constant unblinking, compassionate eye on our students."

Rhonda Mitchell & Ava Planer, Parent and her daughter (my goddaughter)  

"I believe Michele's insightful leadership stems from a deep commitment to children. Engaging and energetic, Michele has a firm grasp of what works in our district and what needs to be addressed.  I wholeheartedly express my support for Michele, and am thrilled she's decided to run again."

Dr. Bradley Hudson, Parents & Chair, Yes on S Committee

"I will cast my Yes vote for Michele, who has proven to be an intelligent, thoughtful and outcomes-oriented leader. Her ability to form positive partnerships with other school board members, teachers, administrators, parents and community members has been a blessing for our schools and home-town." 


Alison Bell Rainey, Parent

"You are a voice of reason and clarity. Thank you for wanting to stay on the board." 


Alisa Diez, Parent

"As a South Pasadena parent, I have watched Michele Kipke's dedication and passion up close for many years now and I know that she is exactly what I would hope for as a representative for our kids on the governing board. I have watched her not only accomplish a tremendous amount on behalf of our kids, but she is a presence on all of our campuses at all of our events. She truly cares and is invested in making our schools safe, innovative and strong and she has the right vision for our future which is why I am supporting her run for re-election this Fall." 


Drs. Maja Mataric & Rich Roberts, Parents/Educators

"Michele is amazing: she has been vigilant hard working, compassionate, and productive, a model school board member.  We wholeheartedly endorse her for all South Pasadena families and kids, including ours." 


Kathleen Wendt-Michel, Parent and PTA President

"It has been my pleasure to get to know Michele Kipke these past two years and I will be voting yes on Kipke for the School Board 2013." 


Sarit Swanborn, Parent and SPUSD Visual Arts Teacher

"Michele Kipke is a dedicated, informed and passionate representative for our kids educational needs. They deserve the best and that is why I stand behind Kipke for

re-election to the South Pasadena School Board. I speak as a like-minded, concerned South Pasadena parent and educator for our kids. 

Kim Lesak, Parent and Advocate Extraordinaire

"Love this woman and her life's commitment to children with autism! Michele Kipke for School Board!"



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